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Kaizen:  Excellent Change

Kaizen is the process used for continuous improvement events.  The literal translation is "excellent change."  Abidian's professional staff have facilitated hundreds of highly successful kaizen improvement events in North America, Europe, and Asia.  In each case, at least one Key Performance Indicator was dramatically improved well beyond expectations and historic performance levels!

Kaizen Topics

Potential kaizen improvement topics include the following ...

5S+1 Workplace Organization

Accounts Receivable Optimization

Call Center Optimization

Cash-to-Cash Cycle Optimization

Classroom Organization
Condition Based Monitoring

Facility Layout/Equipment Optimization
Failure Mode Analysis (FMA)
Kanban/Material Movement and Staging

Lead Time Reduction
Lean Maintenance
Maintenance Excellence
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R)

Mechanical Reliability
Mistake Proofing

Month-End Closing

Online Checks
Operating Excellence
Order to Production/Fulfillment to Payment Optimization
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Planning and Scheduling
Predictive/Preventive Maintenance (P/PM)
Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
Scrap Reduction
Smart/Quick Changeover
Smart/Quick Transition
Tech Support Center/Department Optimization
Value Stream Mapping and Management (VSM)
Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Workplace Organization
Yield Improvement


A kaizen event will typically last 3 to 5 days, but can be as short as a day or even a few hours depending on the relative experience level of the kaizen team and the event scope.  At least half the team and the team leader should be from the area to be improved.  A hands-on, team-oriented, high involvement approach will be used by the Abidian facilitator.  In addition to significantly improving at least one Key Performance Indicator (KPI), the goal will be to define a new set of standard work practices to help ensure the improvement is sustained over the long term.  At the conclusion of the event, the kaizen team will report out to their peers and leadership.  The kaizen approach is appropriate for and has been successfully used in manufacturing, academic,  healthcare, education, financial, retail, service, government, and military settings.

Financial Impact

Kaizen improvement events don't cost; they generate near-immediate savings and foster improved teamwork and profitability.  Studies indicate the average hard dollar annual savings per event tend to be on the order of $70,000.  Our experience at Abidian has been much better with several one-week kaizens improving profitability by millions of dollars.  The Abidian fee for facilitating a five day kaizen will typically be a 1/10th (or less ... including domestic-48 travel) of the realized annual savings.  Contact us for a detailed quote regarding your kaizen opportunity.

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