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ABIDIAN (ǎ bǐ dē ǎn): Business-speak for Excellent Change


... providing practical solutions delivering quick and dramatic results around the globe

Our Mission:

Abidian is a globally recognized Lean, Six Sigma, ISO Quality Management System, and Maintenance Excellence consulting company dedicated to making organizations around the world more productive.  We direct our resources into coaching, providing services, and applying technologies that:

  • Stress practical application of the tools,

  • Promote acceptance at all levels

  • Encourage a philosophy of continuous improvement,

  • Exceed the greatest expectations of our clients.

... we refer to this as setting the P.A.C.E.



Abidian's consultants have decades of experience coaching and improving processes with the following companies and organizations:

+  Aluminum Ladder Company

+  AVM Industries

+  Carbis

+  CCL Container

+  CCL Tube



+  Gillette

+  Hewlett Packard

+  Honda

+  JBE

+  Martek Biosciences

+  Milliken

+  Roche Carolina

+  SC Department of Education

+  Sonoco

+  Teris

+  TotalFina Elf

+  US Air Force

+  Wellman

Over 6000 individuals from North America to Europe to Asia have attended our work-shops, presentations, and improvement events.


Our professional qualifications include Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CMBB), Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), National Board Certification, Lean Expert, Lean Master, Licensed Master Electrician, and Six Sigma Black Belt.  Academically, our degrees range from Bachelor of Science to Masters and PhD.


CV's of Principals and Senior Consultants available on request.

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