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Abidian (ǎ bǐ dē ǎn):

Business-speak for Excellent Change

These articles and presentations are intended to help you better understand the tools available, how others are using them, the types of results they are seeing, and how they might best help you and your organization.  Feel free to share them with others, but please do not alter them.  Likewise, appropriate credit to the author is always appreciated!

   About Abidian

Abidian is a recognized leader in continuous improvement tools.   

  • 97% of the attendees at Abidian's workshops and kaizens have rated the knowledge of their workshop facilitator as excellent.

  • 94% of all workshop and kaizen attendees rated the hands-on exercises and practicality of the illustrations provided as very good or better.

  • 100% of all attendees have given their kaizen improvement event or workshop an overall rating of very good or excellent.

  • Projected savings identified by our clients from our recent workshops, kaizens, and onsite efforts are well over $80 million.


Introduction to Six Sigma (6σ)

Introduction to Lean

Introduction to TPM

Lean or 6σ?  Which is best?

Lean and 6σ:  Setting the PACE

The Need for Change


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Articles and Presentations


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Boeing Work Measurement in a Lean Environment


Bristrol-Meyers-Squib Lean Implementation


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General Electric GE's Work-Out Program:  Teaching Every Manager to be A Strategist


Genuine Coaching What's Your Clutter Keeping You From?


Home Depot Winning Minds and Hearts at Home Depot


Honeywell An Interview with Larry Bossidy (Retired CEO, The Thought Leader


Honeywell Overview of Honeywell's Six Sigma Plus Initiative


Mehta Committing to a Lean Six Sigma Roadmap


Oakwood Healthcare Just What the Doctor Ordered; Another Acronym in Healthcare, DMAIC


Phelps Dodge The worldwide mining industry leader presents an overview of their "Quest for Zero"


Shinkle Management System Diagramming Moving Toward a Lean Management System


Shingo Prize 2011 NE Conference in Boston, MA

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