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Metrics and Feedback

At Abidian, candid feedback from our clients and those who do business with us is an important part of our own Continuous Improvement efforts.  We're pleased to share the following internal metrics and feedback.


  • 97% of the attendees at Abidian's workshops and kaizen improvement events have rated the knowledge of their facilitator as excellent.

  • 94% of all attendees have rated the hands-on exercises and practicality of the illustrations provided as very good or better.

  • 100% of our attendees have given their workshop or kaizen event an overall rating of very good or excellent!

Feedback from our Workshops


  • Best workshop I've attended in 25 years with the Company.  Excellent instructor! -- Plant Manager

  • We don't like to use anyone but Abidian.  They do the best job relating to our people. -- Productivity Improvement Team Leader

  • Excellent job relating to and understanding our concerns.  Enjoyed the practical exercises.  I went from not wanting to attend to wanting to bring the instructor back for a month! -- Senior Mechanic/Union Leader

  • Productivity improvement is my primary job responsibility.  I could relate well to these tools and will be able to use them frequently to stay focused and organized with my projects.  -- Operations Support Engineer

  • I enjoyed the facilitator's analogies used during his teaching.  The class was very informative and progressed at a comfortable pace. -- Department Manager

  • The instructor was great.  There were lots of hands-on examples, as well as, real-world examples.  The pace of the class was excellent.  -- Corporate Quality Engineer

Feedback from our Kaizen Improvement Events

  • Our facilitator was a class act!  Come back often ... very fun to be around! -- Maintenance Planner

  • The thing I liked best was seeing the team's enthusiasm at the end of a few days.  This always helps the implementation. -- Supervisor

  • I saw a high level of operator involvement (and even higher buy-in).  Follow up for managers on specific items teaches the managers about the equipment and makes their follow up more likely. -- Division Productivity Improvement Leader

Feedback from our Professional Presentations

  • By far the best, most practical presentation at the conference! -- Department Manager

  • The things I liked best were the examples that were easy to relate to in order to understand the concepts.  The emphasis that is put on important things like teamwork and having the people with hands-on experience producing the results ... letting them understand that it is up to them to help sustain the things that are put in place.  -- Planning and Scheduling Manager

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