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"Live" Web-Based Training

Abidian offers live, web-based instruction with one of our certified, internationaly recognized workshop facilitators.  Your training will be live, interactive, and designed to your specific needs.  Fields of study include Lean (Lean Education, Lean Healthcare, Lean Maintenance, Lean Manufacturing, and Lean Office), ISO 9001 Internal Auditing, Maintenance Excellence, Six Sigma (White, Yellow, Green, and Black Belt), and Total Productive Maintenance/Manufacturing (TPM).  Abidian also offers cost-effective training on specific topics such as 5S+1, Design of Experiments (DOE), Mistake Proofing, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Smart Changeover, and Voice of the Customer.  Options include professional certification and the ability to download/re-play your session.


"Live" Web-Based TrainingLow, Cost-Effective Pricing

Our web-based training and consulting services begin at $100 per hour.  This includes conferencing and telephone fees and compares favorably with pre-recorded services offered by others.  Our clients have come to expect practical, hands-on training from Abidian.  We're pleased to now econmically offer our internationally acclaimed professional services via the internet.

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