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Recognized Global Leadership

in Continuous Improvement

  • Abidian provides practical, hands-on guidance in productivity and continuous improvement involving Lean, Six Sigma (6σ), Maintenance Excellence, ISO Quality Management Systems, Theory of Constraints, and Total Productive Maintenance and Manufacturing (TPM).

  • Our consultants have decades of experience with small, medium, and large organizations, including international Fortune 100 companies.

  • We provide practical, hands-on expertise in designing, operating, and optimizing.

  • Over 7000 individuals from North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have attended our workshops, presentations, and improvement events.

  • To date, our clients have identified over $85 million in savings from our joint efforts.

The Bottom Line:  Abidian generates quick and dramatic results for your organization by providing practical, hands-on, profitability-oriented coaching, training, and insight geared to meet your short and long range business needs.


Practical solutions ...

                  real bottom-line results ...

                                                around the globe

Dramatic results in ...

+  Enhancing safety and corporate culture

Reducing costs

+  Reducing lead/delivery times

+  Reducing customer complaints

Reducing inventory

+  Improving product and service quality

+  Reducing changeover/transition time

+  Eliminating the words "we can't"

Quick Links ASQ Pee Dee Section 1124   Abidian is Proud to be a partner with SiMT and FDTC
Abidian is proud to partner with SiMT and FDTC

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